Episode 60 - 'Delirium'

Alpha Rhythm is back with a no-nonsense club mix, full of deep and dark rollers along with a bit of a surprise ending. Enjoy!


Halogenix - Out of Line [Critical]

Surreal - Foreign [Fokuz]

Nostre - Stay With Me [Celsius]

Halogenix - Gaslight [Critical]

Monty - Intoxication [1985] 

Monty - Legion [1985]

Ed:it - Generally Speaking [Shogun]

Bassment - Time and Space (2019 VIP) [Fokuz]

Fracture & Alix Perez - Realise [1985]

Rockwell - Full Circle [Shogun]

Arcatype - Yakima Dub [CIA]

The Vanguard Project - 12 Hours [Spearhead]

R1C0 - The Last Time (Accelerated Remix) [Soul Deep Digital]

Ownglow - La [Drum&BassArena]

QZB - Delirium [Critical]

Reso - Focus Inwards (TMSV Remix) [Albion Collective]

Alix Perez - Last Rites [1985] 

Episode 59 - SGTM Guest Mix

Alpha Rhythm is out for the week, so enjoy this mix courtesy of SGTM!


Calibre - Peso

Paul SG - FASO

DJ Marky - Silly (DJ Marky VIP)

Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy (Makoto DnB Edit) -

Random Movement - Upcycle

Brunno Junglist - Little Birdie

Macca & Loz Contreras - Honey Sugar

Random Movement - Down Somehow

Kasper - Summertime Hustle (Original 12" Mix)

Unknown Artist - The F Word (Bootleg)

Lurch & Al Pack - 90's Kid (Silence Groove Remix)

Makoto & MC Conrad - Golden Girl (Lenzman VIP)

Hugh Hardie - Colourful Language

A Sides & MC Fats feat. Regina - What U Dont Know (Makoto Remix)

Karamel - Wanted ID

Calibre - Feeling Happy

Silence Groove - Viber

ATP & Dave Owen - Way Back When

Random Movement - Still Ain't Changed

Calibre feat. DJ Marky - Amen Tune

DJ Marky & XRS feat Stamina MC - LK

A Sides & Makoto - Searchin'

Nu:Logic - Sanctuary

Dave Owen - Deep Breathin (Original 12" Mix)

Total Science & S.P.Y feat. Riya - Piano Funk

Western Sea - The Amazing World

Submorphics - Pacific Heights

Episode 58 - 'Raindrops'

Loads of new summer goodness this week, including Hugh Hardie’s sophomore album, new music from LSB, Technimatic, and so much more!


Pluton & Skyler - Interplanetary Boat Party [Hospital] 

Technimatic & LSB - Sight Lines [Spearhead]

Alexvnder - The Little Things [Terra Firma]

High Hardie - Raindrops ft. Cimone [Hospital]

LSB - Here With Me [Footnotes]

Iklektix - Simplicity ft. Abi Darcy [Beta]

Chris Inperspective - Call the Future [Hospital]

Zero T & Steo - Too Close Too See [Integral]

Kenobi - Precious [Jazzsticks]

Electrosoul System & Liquitek - Animate [Kos.Mos]

Subdue - Fortune [Soul Deep Digital]

Subdue - Siren [Soul Deep Digital]

Hugh Hardie - Surveillance ft. Silence Groove [Hospital]

Marcus Tee - Holding Back [Influenza]

The Vanguard Project - Billing Issue [Fokuz]

Leniz x HumaNature - The Switch [Fokuz]

Hugh Hardie - Footprints [Hospital]

ALB - About U [Four Corners]

Episode 57 - 'The Sauce'

Summer is officially here, so cool off with some fresh new liquid from the man known as Alpha Rhythm, along with some hot bangers to boot!


Air.K & Cephei - Wish to Fade ft. Nadine [Fokuz]

Monrroe - Everywhere I Go [Shogun]

Joakuim - Méditerranée [Intrigue]

Etherwood - Lulerain [Med School]

ALB - What U Need [Four Corners]

Subdue - Show You How [Soul Deep Digital]

The Vanguard Project - Murkleton [Fokuz]

Total Science - Nosher (The Sauce Remix) [CIA]

Basement - Keep Walking ft. Dub Signalz [Fokuz]

Forum - Turba [Vandal]

Bassment - Heartless [Fokuz]

Forum - The Way You Are [Vandal]

Subdue - Cloud Nine [Soul Deep Digital]

Faib - Angel’s Lullaby (Electrosoul System VIP) [Kos.Mos]

Etherwood - Clouds ft. Phoebe Freya [Med School]

Keeno - Unearthed [Hospital]

Episode 56 - 'New Hope'

Yet another podcast full to the brim with new summer tunes, this time from Seba, FD, Etherwood, and more!


Etherwood - Driving Out [Med School]

Low:r - New Hope [Celsius]

Makoto x Seba - Deep Waters [Hospital]

Polaris - Kessel Run [Med School]

Dexcell - Missing Pieces [Spearhead]

Seba - Curved Boundaries [Commercial Suicide]

Zero T & Steo - Can’t Hide [Integral]

LSB - Do Your Thing [Footnotes]

FD - Top2Bottom (Roller) [The North Quarter]

Redeyes - Shattered Dream [Fokuz]

Seba - My Love [Spearhead]

FD - Foundations [The North Quarter]

Macca & Melinki - Ok [Fokuz]

Document One - Shutdown ft. Takura [Shogun]

Inja x Whiney - She Just Wanna Dance (Kyrist Remix) [Hospital]

I Wannabe - So Excited [Kos.Mos]

London Elektricity - Remember the Future (Mitekiss Remix) [Hospital]

FD - Got a Feeing [The North Quarter]

Subwave x Bop - Take it Off [Hospital]

Episode 55 - 'Space Stepper'

Too many songs, not enough time. Cool off this week with some fresh new liquid from LSB, Satl, BCee, and a couple of classics to finish things off!


LSB - Melrose [Footnotes]

Satl - Bravehearts ft. Dan Stezo [Sun and Bass]

LSB - Space Stepper [Footnotes]

Sustance - Searching for You (Icicle Remix) [Vandal]

Redeyes - Vibes from the Rhymes [Fokuz]

Screamarts - Lost in Thought [Celsius]

The Vanguard Project - Stitches ft. Jemimah Read (Calibre Remix) [Spearhead]

Thesis - Winter’s Message [Celsius]

The Vanguard Project - Is This Love ft. Lucy Kitchen (Dexcell Remix) [Spearhead]

Benny L - Vanta Black (Instrumental) [Metalheadz]

WALKR - Wallflower [Spearhead]

FD - Bottles [The North Quarter]

Bungle - Northern Dub [Spearhead]

BCee - Back to the Street ft. Philippa Hannah (BCee’s Refix) [Spearhead]

In:Most - Bonsai [Soulvent]

BCee - Hand on My Heart [Spearhead]

Need For Mirrors - Marina Blue [Spearhead]

Commix - Painted Smile [Dubplate]

Episode 54 - 'Emergency Loop'

It’s summer time and the Drum and Bass world is on fire with boatloads of new music! From Friction to Etherwood, from the Kings of the Rollers to Monty, the summer onslaught is just getting started on this week’s Alpha Rhythm podcast!


Etherwood - Begin By Letting Go (Whiney Remix) [Hospital]

Friction - Lost it Mode ft. Linguistics [Elevate Records]

Kings of the Rollers - Rave Alarm VIP [Hospital]

Danny Byrd - Starting it Over ft. Hannah Symons (Turno Remix) [Hospital]

Eastern District - Ordinary Man [31 Recordings] 

Roygreen & Protone - I Know ft. Joakuim [Spearhead]

Silence Groove - Among Themselves [Galacy]

Stereo:Type - Still My Girl [Intrigue]

Satl - Maj [Sun and Bass]

Macca & Melinki - Dark Soul [Fokuz]

Scar - Hey You [Metalheadz]

Macca & Melinki - Subsurface [Fokuz]

Rafau Etamski - One Kiss [Celsius] 

BCee & Blu Mar Ten - Sleeping Giant [Hospital]

Changing Faces - The Upside Down [Hospital]

Monty - The Whole World [Vandal]

Episode 53 - 'Sundance'

The summer onslaught is just getting started with new music from Etherwood, Urbandawn, Halogenix, Flava D, and so much more, all on this week’s Alpha Rhythm Podcast!


Marsden - Aether (Random Movement Remix) [Terabyte Records]

Phil:osophy - Star Song [Integral]

Urbandawn - Come Together ft. Tyson Kelly [Hospital]

Flava D - Human Trumpet [Hospital]

Roygreen & Protone - You Did This ft. Dual [Spearhead]

Kometa - Sunlight [Kos.mos]

Calibre - Bullets ft. Diane Charlemagne [Signature]

Etherwood - See the Sky ft. Thomas Oliver [Med School]

Amoss - Revival [Flexout]

Misanthrop - Deadlock (Halogenix Remix) [Neosignal]

Klinical - Lunar City [Overview Music]

Klinical - Around Me [Overview Music]

Mefjus - Blitz (Levela Remix) [Neosignal]

Rizzle - I.C.E (Enei Remix) [Vandal]

Amoss - Speed Shades [Flexout]

Circuits - Euphoria [Critical]

Amoss - Sundance [Flexout]

Halogenix & Solah - Out of Line [Critical]

Episode 52 - 'Dubcatcher'

Things are heating up this week with new EP’s from Kasra, Roygreen & Protone, Fred V, and so much more, all on the Alpha Rhythm Drum and Bass Podcast!!


Fred V - Storm ft. Rothwell [Hospital]

Polaris - Prismatic Gate [Med School]

Edlan - Dubcatcher ft. Ella Noël [Galacy]

Kasra & Enei - Disappearing Ink [Critical]

Gerra & Stone - Arashi [Shogun]

S.P.Y - Landslide ft. Inja [Hospital]

Kasra, Bou & Enei - No Logos [Critical]

Friction - Forever Dub ft. Kilo Bun (Kanine Remix) [Shogun]

Kasra - Focus on the Love [Critical]

Kings of the Rollers - Gringo ft. Navigator [Hospital]

Dogger, Mindstate & Liam Bailey - Broken Home [1985] 

Humanature - Can You Feel It [Galacy]

Silence Groove - Cheeky Growler (Pola & Bryson Remix) [Soul Trader]

Sentierum - Back Home Blues [Samsara]

Roygreen & Protone - Sunlight [Spearhead]

Cnof - Hold You Forever [Fokuz]

BCee - Magic Words ft. Degs [Spearhead]

Episode 51 - 'Radiance'

Too much music, not enough time! Alpha brings the heat this week with over 20 of the freshest and hottest new DnB from across the spectrum.Tracklist:

Minos -  Feels Like Before (Air.K & Cephei Remix) [Fokuz]

Phace & Misanthrop - Sex Sells (Phace & Affe Maria Remix) [Neosignal]

Phace - Interplay (Kimyan Law Remix) [Neosignal]

Kings of the Rollers - Timebomb [Hospital]

Kings of the Rollers - Shaolin Technique ft. MC Bassman [Hospital]

Kings of the Rollers - Rockers ft. MC Bassman [Hospital]

Kings of the Rollers - Tisno [Hospital]

Calibre - Simple Sa [Signature]

Kometa - It’s Time to Begin [Kos.Mos]

Calibre - Love’s Too Tight to Mention [Singnature]

Kometa - Nighttime [Kos.Mos]

Kometa - Loneliness [Kos.Mos]

Polaris - Receiver [Med School]

Low:r - Ascention [Celcius]

Unknown Artist - Some of Us [Fokuz]

Critical Event - Incomplete ft. Askel [Fokuz]

Critical Event - So Much More to Do ft. Surreal [Fokuz]

Calibre - Typical Things [Signature]

Muffler - Half Light [Program]

Polaris - Relic [Med School]

Grafix - Radiance [Hospital]

Episode 50 - 'Remedy'

We’re doing things a little differently this week with a proper liquid DnB club set from yours truly. Expect more of these going forward!


Anile - Seventh Sound

Hiraeth - Waiting

Technimatic - Let it Fall

Cnof - Fire Blade

Technimatic - True Believer

Total Science, Digital & Spirit - Salvation

Lenzman - Rain ft. Children of Zeus (Alpha Rhythm Edit)

Seba - Time Will Tell (Alpha Rhythm Edit)

Tokyo Prose - Innate Motion

LSB - Remedy

dBridge - 5th Floor

GLXY - Discourse

dBridge - True Romance (Alpha Rhythm Edit)

Anile & Blu Mar Ten - Lyssakses

Critical Event & Hiraeth - I Wonder

HumaNature - Swing of Memories ft. Arbiter

Tokyo Prose - LPK Sound

Bop - Untitled Pattern 62 (Alpha Rhythm Edit)

SpectraSoul Like This

Anile - City of Justice ft. DRS

Alix Perez & Halogenix - Rollcage

Anile - Allergens (Bop Remix)

Bredren - Hemlock

Bop - Space 2 Breathe

Bop & Urbandawn - Red Line

Episode 49 - 'Shine'

This week we’ve got more Fokuz pressure, as well as fresh cuts from Spearhead, Hospital, Exit, & more!


Mohican Sun - Darkest Hour [UKF]

HumaNautre & ETHR - Shine [Fokuz]

Critical Event & Hiraeth - I Wonder [Galacy]

Roygreen & Protone - But I Found [Spearhead]

HumaNature - Swing of Memories ft. Arbiter [Fokuz]

Technimatic - Breathe In [Spearhead]

Hiraeth - Waiting [Galacy]

Smote - Sleep Walking [Galacy]

Screamarts - We Need the Sun [Fokuz]

Macca - Lost in You ft. Lucy Kitchen [Galacy]

ALB - Major Deep ft. Jaye Siege [Fokuz]

Bou - Fox Trot [Critical]

Kings of the Rollers - Mammoth [Hospital]

Skeptical - Snail Trail [Exit]

Kings of the Rollers - The Sky is Falling [Hospital]

Episode 48 - 'Dreams'

This week we have another podcast packed full of fresh new (and unreleased) music. The Focus onslaught continues with their Collaborations Volume 3 EP, as well as new music from the musical geniuses known as Bop and Reso.


Critical Event - All in My Head ft. Scott Allen [Fokuz]

Ben Soundscape, RoyGeen, & Protone - Beyond the Crowd [Intrigue]

Minos - Dreamland (Critical Event & Hiraeth Remix) [Fokuz]

S.P.Y - Dreamcatcher [Hospital]

S.B.Z - The Journey [Hyperactivity Music]

ALB - Indecisive [Fokuz]

TBase - You Saved Me [Fokuz]

Jubei - Cold Heart [Exit]

Dogger, Mindstate & Liam Bailey - Rebels [1985]

Lenzman - My Heart [Metalheadz]

Lenzman - Flatbrush [Metalheadz]

Bop - Untitled Pattern 68 [Med School]

Molecular - What Defines [Fokuz]

Alexvndr - Born to Die [Fokuz]

Gerra & Stone - Recollection [Shogun]

ALB - Over You [Fokuz]

Reso - Sandrock EP Mini Mix [Slug Wife]

Episode 47 - 'The Hours'

Alpha Rhythm is back in the mix with loads of new music from Shogun Audio, Exit, Focus, and more!


Technimatic - The Nightfall ft. Joni McCleery [Shogun]

HumaNature, Critical Event & Askei - Xylophone [Fokuz]

Technimatic - Goodbye Kiss [Shogun]

Zero T - Bermuda [31 Recordings]

Technimatic - Let it Fall [Shogun]

Cnof - Fire Blade [Fokuz]

Technimatic - True Believer [Shogun]

Koherent - Samsara ft. Ill Truth [Shogun]

Skeptical - Charge [Exit]

Skeptical - Mechanism [Exit]

Razat - Simplicity [1985]

Gerra & Stone - Pathfinder [Shogun]

Jubei - Little Dubplate [Exit]

Lenzman - School Days [Metalheadz]

Technimatic - Weightless ft. Lucy Kitchen [Shogun]

Lenzman - Noodles ft. LSB [Metalheadz]

Lenzman - Cool Breeze [Metalheadz]

Sikey & Speedwagon - Lonely Hunter [Celcius]

Episode 46 - 'Dubplate Style'

Alpha Rhythm is back with tons of new tracks from S.P.Y’s Dubplate Style album, plus new music from Kove, Sikey & Speedwagon, Metrik, Lezman, and more!


Metrik - Hackers [Hospital]

S.P.Y - Breathing Underwater [Hospital]

S.P.Y - Dub Safari [Hospital]

Lenzman - Hollis (Over & Over) [Metalheadz]

Lanzman - Roseland [Metalheadz]

Sikey & Speedwagon - Without You [Celcius]

Dip Vertigo & Dr. Apollo - Red ft. Josh Phillips [Hospital]

Lenzman - Old Song [Metalheadz]

S.P.Y - Open Your Eyes [Hospital]

S.P.Y - Rudeboy Step ft. Shadow Child [Hospital]

S.P.Y - After the Rain ft. MC GQ [Hospital]

S.P.Y - Billy No Mates [Hospital]

S.P.Y - Dubplate Style [Hospital]

Kove - Echoes ft. Ben Duffy [Drum&BassArena]

BCee - Wanderer [Spearhead]

Sikey & Speedwagon - Nothing to Declare [Celcius]

High Contrast - Days Go By (2019 Mix) [3Beat]

Episode 45 - 'Ritual Guest Mix 2'

Ritual is in the mix again with a selection of fresh new liquid Drum & Bass tracks. Enjoy!

Voices - Koherent, Charli Brix

Meaningful life - Modest Intentions

No Shadows in Trust - Modest Intentions

Keep Going - Need for mirrors

Vitalogy - Anile

Forever Last Out - Anile

Classified - Mosaic

Foul Child Funk (Original Mix) - Graysound, Aotearolla

Lifespan - Lurch, Joakuim

Fragile - Edlan, Djah

Earth & Mars - Anile

Rain - Lenzman, Children of Zeus

Long Time - RoyGreen_Protone, Ben Soundscape

Holding On - Technimatic, Matt Wilson

Without You - Sikey, Speedwagon

Conclusion - RoyGreen_Protone, Ben Soundscape

Sometimes - Technimatic

The Hardest Times (Original Mix) - Shodan, Cosmology

Without You - Phaction

Dancing Around - Cnof

Episode 44 - 'Endorphins'

We’re back with another one of our most popular mixes this week, Mix of the Week 107, entitled Endorphins. Remember if you’d like access to this and every other Mix of the Week as a download, you can support us on Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/alpharhythmdnb.


00:00 The Vanguard Project - Think About You ft. Pat Fulgoni

02:58 Hugh Hardie - Kyoto City

05:34 Seba & Jr Vallo - Second Path

08:10 Makoto - Ambers Song

11:08 John B - Sweet Love

13:22 The Vanguard Project - Loving Arms

15:35 Commix - Shame On You

17:26 Technicolour - Centrifuge VIP

19:40 Fred V & Grafix - Basilisk

24:08 Fred V & Grafix - Emo Jungle

26:21 Metrik - Resonate ft. ShockOne

29:42 Sinichi Osawa - Star Guitar (Brookes Brothers Remix)

32:17 CLS - Their Names Were Trot and Melon

36:22 Netsky - Escape ft. Darrison

40:27 LSB - Drifter

43:25 The Vanguard Project - 12 Hours

45:39 Nu:Logic - Shoot Me Down ft. Robert Manos

49:45 Etherwood - Caption

52:44 Keeno - Innocence

56:03 Keeno & Whiney - Isokime

Episode 43 - 'Epoch'

Lots of pressure coming from the Critical Music stable on this week’s podcast, as well as new music from Technimatic, Lenzman, ALB, and more!


Phil Tangent - Universal Sigh [Integral]

Sketchi & Philistine - Myself Again [Broken Music Syndicate]

Simplification & L-Side - Venus [V Recordings]

ALB - All Words [Fokuz]

Gerra & Stone - Feels Like [Shogun]

Shyun & Cruk - Breathe [Critical]

Shyun & Cruk - Tempest [Critical]

Circuits - Berlin Outfit [Critical]

Circuits - Chord Memory [Critical]

Bou - Wine Ya B [Critical]

Bou - Cat Woman [Critical]

Shyun & Cruk - Wreckage [Critical]

ALB - Epoch [Fokuz]

Whiney - Spheres ft. Keeno & Pippa Violets (Polaris Remix) [Hospital]

Technimatic - Holding On ft. Matt Wilson [Shogun]

Lenzman - Rain ft. Children of Zeus [Metalheadz]

Episode 42 - 'The Storm'

Alpha Rhythm is back with loads of new liquid Drum & Bass from the likes of Anile, BCee, Koherent, and more!


Koherent - Voices ft. Charli Brix [Shogun]

Flowrian & Simstah - You Knew [Jazzsticks]

Melinki & Low:R - Funkmaster [Fokuz]

Anile - Vitalogy [The North Quarter]

Mosaic - Classified [Intrigue]

BCee - All The King’s Horses [Spearhead]

BCee - Sight Unseen [Spearhead]

Anile - Forever Last Out [The North Quarter]

Flowrian & Simstah - This is Why [Jazzsticks]

Calibre - Let Me Hold You [Signature]

BCee - Moving Away [Spearhead]

SMP - The Storm [Intrigue]

Simplification - Analogy [V Recordings]

MC Fava - We Lose ft. Nymfo [Spearhead]

R1C0 - So Low [Intrigue] 

Humanature & Radicall - On Your Mind [Fokuz]

S.P.Y - See Your Face Again [Hospital]

Episode 41 - 'Decisions'

This week’s podcast is full of new and exciting music from BCee, Alex Perez, In:Most, Monty, and so much more! 2019 is in full effect and Drum and Bass is alive and kicking here on the Alpha Rhythm Podcast!


BCee - Sincerely Yours ft. Leo Wood [Spearhead]

Lenzman - Pictures of You ft. DRS [Metalheadz]

Monty - Decisions [1985]

Alix Perez - Poison Ivy [1985]

Bredren - Swayed [1985]

In:Most - Uh! ft. WALKR [Soulvent]

BCee - Prozac Dub [Spearhead]

BCee - All Fired Up [Spearhead]

ALB - Using Minds [Fokuz]

BCee - Shouting About Nothing [Spearhead]

In:Most - Crimson Eyes [Soulvent]

Anile - Escaping Dreams [The North Quarter]

Phil Tangent - Miskol [Integral]

Alix Perez - Over You ft. Adeus [1985]

Monty - No Place [1985]

Satl - Movin’ On [Integral]