Episode 22 - 'No Lights'

So much incredible new music this week from across the Drum and Bass spectrum. New music on Flexout, Shogun, Hospital, and quite possibly the best song of 2018 from Seba out on Spearhead. Don’t miss this week’s Alpha Rhythm Podcast!


Alibi - No Lights ft. MC fats & T.R.A.C [V Recordings]

Data 3 - Komparen [Flexout]

Unglued - Deep Dark & Dirty ft. Nelson Navarro [Hospital]

Seba - Time Will Tell [Spearhead]

Bungle - Cocooned VIP [31]

Danny Byrd - Just a Step Away ft. Ownglow [Hospital]

GLXY - Asbo [Shogun]

Actraiser - All Alone [Celcius]

Submarine - Clarion [Dispatch]

Monty - Games ft. Charlie Brix [Flexout]

Villem & McLeod - Kukicha [Spearhead]

Apex - By the Way [Horizons]

Actraiser - Yesterday [Celcius]

Seba - Why Can’t This End [Spearhead]

Villem & McLeod - Never Run Away [Spearhead]

Revaux - Sludge [Flexout]

Danny Byrd - Lizard Steppa [Hospital]

Primitive Instinct - Breathless [Soulvent]

GLXY - Infinite ft. Zero T and Solah [Shogun]