Episode 25 - 'Dream Days'

Loads more Shogun audio pressure this week, along with a brand new EP from Enei, more from Seba, and a out of this world tune from Etherwood. Enjoy!


Phase 2 - No One Can Hear You Read [Liquid V]

Technimatic - Parallel ft. Zara Kershaw [Shogun]

Command Strange - Light Up [Liquid V]

Pola & Bryson - Dream Days [Shogun]

Changing Faces - Waves [Spearhead]

Technimatic - Better Perspective ft. Jinadu [Shogun]

Mefjus & Skeptical - Sinkhole (Skeptical Remix) [VISION]

Enei - Grave [Critical]

Enei - Deal With It [Critical]

Enei - Bag of Raw Meat [Critical]

Signal - Pixilate [INVISIBLE]

GLXY - Revision [Shogun]

Dub Motion - Feeling U [Shogun]

Seba - Close to You [Spearhead]

Malaky - Requiem [Shogun]

Submarine - Blur ft. Rimmi [Dispatch]

Technimatic - Out of Reach ft. Lucy Kitchen [Shogun]

Etherwood - Haltija [Hospital]