Episode 19 - 'Vice'

Going a little deeper and a lot darker this week with new music from Alix Perez, Jubei & Tyrone, WALKR, and much much more!


Silent Dust - Refuse ft. DRS (Calibre Remix) [none60]

WALKR - Search for Something [Spearhead]

Degs & London Elektricity - Just One Second (Mitekiss Remix) [Hospital]

Quartz & Survey - Emeralds [Warm Communciations]

Alix Perez - BXL [1985]

Jubei & Tyrone - Avalon [Metalheadz]

Kings of the Rollers - Running Man [Hospital]

WALKR - 1995 [Spearhead]

Alix Perex - Live With It ft. Icicle [1985]

Mohican Sun - Calgary [Integral]

Artificial Intelligence - Degrees of Separation [Integral]

WALKR - Smoke & Mirrors [Spearhead]

Document One - Reaching Out [Shogun]

Villem & McLeod - Simply Red

Sam Binga - Proud ft. Tiffanie Malvo (Enei Remix) [Critical]

Noisia & The Upbeats - Shibuya Pet Store [VISION]

Mat Zo - Vice [Mad Zoo]