Episode 34 - 'Microfunk Special'

We’re doing an all Microfunk Podcast to celebrate the release of the Lost Dubs 2 EP on Bop’s Microfunk label!


Bop - Enjoy the Moment [Med School]

Korsun - Dove [Microfunk]

Bop - Space 2 Breathe [Microfunk]

Bop & Subwave - City Lights [Hospital]

Bop - Untitled Pattern 62 [Med School]

The Vanguard Project - Blacklist (Bop Remix) [Spearhead]

Dissident - Cocosmos [Microfunk]

The Erised - Pray (Bop Remix) [Med School]

Subwave - I Need You (Bop Remix) [Med School]

Bop - Untitled Pattern 61 [Med School]

Bop - Space Girl [Hospital]

Camo & Krooked - Come Together (Bop Remix) [RAM]

Bop & Subwave - Clair De Lune [Microfunk]

Bop & Urbandawn - Red Line [Hospital]

Subwave - Tell Me [Hospital]

Camo & Krooked - Portal (Subwave Remix) [Hospital]

A.Fruit - Be Careful With the Clouds [Microfunk]

Nuage - Endless Green [Microfunk]

Nuage - Very Smooth Draft [Microfunk]

Microfunk Crew - December ft. Robert Manos [Microfunk]

Bop - An Order [Microfunk]

Oak - Sandman VIP [Microfunk]