Episode 49 - 'Shine'

This week we’ve got more Fokuz pressure, as well as fresh cuts from Spearhead, Hospital, Exit, & more!


Mohican Sun - Darkest Hour [UKF]

HumaNautre & ETHR - Shine [Fokuz]

Critical Event & Hiraeth - I Wonder [Galacy]

Roygreen & Protone - But I Found [Spearhead]

HumaNature - Swing of Memories ft. Arbiter [Fokuz]

Technimatic - Breathe In [Spearhead]

Hiraeth - Waiting [Galacy]

Smote - Sleep Walking [Galacy]

Screamarts - We Need the Sun [Fokuz]

Macca - Lost in You ft. Lucy Kitchen [Galacy]

ALB - Major Deep ft. Jaye Siege [Fokuz]

Bou - Fox Trot [Critical]

Kings of the Rollers - Mammoth [Hospital]

Skeptical - Snail Trail [Exit]

Kings of the Rollers - The Sky is Falling [Hospital]