Episode 45 - 'Ritual Guest Mix 2'

Ritual is in the mix again with a selection of fresh new liquid Drum & Bass tracks. Enjoy!

Voices - Koherent, Charli Brix

Meaningful life - Modest Intentions

No Shadows in Trust - Modest Intentions

Keep Going - Need for mirrors

Vitalogy - Anile

Forever Last Out - Anile

Classified - Mosaic

Foul Child Funk (Original Mix) - Graysound, Aotearolla

Lifespan - Lurch, Joakuim

Fragile - Edlan, Djah

Earth & Mars - Anile

Rain - Lenzman, Children of Zeus

Long Time - RoyGreen_Protone, Ben Soundscape

Holding On - Technimatic, Matt Wilson

Without You - Sikey, Speedwagon

Conclusion - RoyGreen_Protone, Ben Soundscape

Sometimes - Technimatic

The Hardest Times (Original Mix) - Shodan, Cosmology

Without You - Phaction

Dancing Around - Cnof