Episode 65 - 'Full Circle'

Alpha is back with new music from Sub Focus, Noisia, Break, and so much more!


Sub Focus - Solar System [UMG]

Phace & Unglued - Malware [Hospital]

Rockwell & The Upbeats - Level [Obsolete Medium]

Phace & Noisia - Non-Responsive [Neosignal]

Sub Focus - Siren [UMG]

Grafix - Acid Generation [Hospital]

Alibi - Catalyst [V Recordings]

Askel & Elere - Yeah Alright [Soulvent]

The Vanguard Project - Cockroach Curry [Fokuz]

Break & Kyo - Past North [Symmetry]

The Vanguard Project - Flying Away [Fokuz]

Grafix - Photons [Hospital]

Alibi - Directions [V Recordings]

Hugh Hardie - A Deeper Blue ft. Charli Brix [Hospital]

LSB - Swerved [Symmetry]

Channell - For This Moment [Celsius]

Ill Truth & Satl - In Your Soul ft. Charli Brix (Lenzman Remix) [Symmetry]

Echo B - High Hopes [Symmetry]

Charli Brix & Visages - Full Circle [Flexout]

Askel & Elere - Deluge [Soulvent]