Episode 31 - 'Darkest Night'

New music from DRS on his new Space Cadet label, heavy hitting tracks from Monty and Emperor, more new music from Whiney, Break, Mitekiss, and so much more, all on this week’s Alpha Rhythm Podcast.


DRS & GLXY - Rain Dance [Space Cadet]

Data 3 & Koherent - Latitude [Shogun]

Monty - Spatia [1985]

Break - Sunset Dub [Symmetry]

Atlantic Connection - Unexpected [Liquid V]

Mitekiss - Body Move [Hospital]

Calibre - Rollover [31 Recordings]

Mitekiss - Human [Hospital]

Oak - Mongoose [Microfunk]

Bop - Waterfall [Microfunk]

A.Fruit - Be Careful With the Clouds [Microfunk]

DRS & Skeptical - Forget All This [Space Cadet]

Monty - No Place [1985]

Emperor - Silenced [Critical]

DRS - Overdose (ft. Artificial Intelligence) [Space Cadet]

Whiney - The Capital [Hospital]

Whiney - Darkest Night [Hospital]

Episode 30 - 'Wildfire'

This week we’re bringing you a very special Hospital Records mix, featuring the music of many of Hospital’s top artists, including Etherwood, Metrik, Keeno, Whiney, and much much more!


00:00 Etherwood - Fire Lit Sky

03:09 Fred V & Grafix - Wild Love (Keeno Remix)

04:38 Keeno - Amethyst

06:52 Royalston - Strobes (ft. Thavy Ear)

08:02 Anile - Your Way

10:36 Etherwood - The Rain Will Fall (ft. LSB)

13:57 Keeno - Empath

17:29 Metrik - We Got It (S.P.Y Remix)

19:31 Metrik - Reykjavik

22:41 B Complex - Beautiful Lies VIP

25:51 Flite - Awakening

30:19 Etherwood - Light My Way Home (ft. Eva Lazarus) (Logistics Remix)

33:17 Whiney - Oxford Road

37:00 Keeno - Cosmic Creeper

41:06 Etherwood - Spoken (ft. Rocky Nti)

44:27 Etherwood - Caption

47:25 Keeno - Innocence

50:50 Etherwood - Souls Apart

52:38 Etherwood - Souls Rejoined

56:44 Flite - River of Glass

Episode 29 - 'Viewpoint'

More new music from Mitekiss, Dawn Wall, Mohican Sun, plus incredible music from KOAN Sound’s Debut album, and so much more, all on this week’s Alpha Rhythm Podcast!


KOAN Sound - Hydroplane [Shoshin]

Dawn Wall - Rain God [Integral]

Mohican Sun - Purple World [Integral]

Actraiser - Spirited Away [Celsius]

Mitekiss - Viewpoint ft. Emilienne Chouadossi [Hospital]

Dawn Wall - Blinded [Integral]

Dawn Wall - Devil’s Night [Integral]

Mitekiss - Flight [Hospital]

Need For Mirrors - Miranda [Commercial Suicide]

Need For Mirrors - Pegasus [Commercial Suicide]

Sustance - Ugly [Shogun]

Kasra - Miso [Critical]

Shimon & Benny L - Yeti [Bassrush]

Rockwell - Itsok2behapp-e ft. Sam Binga & Hyroglifics [Obsolete Medium]

S.P.Y - Rock Da House [Hospital]

GLXY - Chiral [Shogun]

KOAN Sound - Drift [Shoshin]

KOAN Sound - The Zulla [Shoshin]

Bonus Podcast - 'Spoken'

I decided to record a totally off-the-cuff set live from my studio and people were asking me to upload it as a podcast, so here it is! Enjoy!


London Elektricity - Artificial Skin ft. Keeno & Emer Dineen

Etherwood - Disposition ft. Rocky NTI

Need For Mirrors - Marina Blue

BCee - Lost and Found ft. Rocky NTI (The Vanguard Project Remix)

Etherwood - Spoken ft. Rocky NTI

Netsky - Storm Clouds

Way Out West - The Gift (Logistics Remix)

Marcus Intalex & S.P.Y - Celestial Navigation

Artificial Intelligence - Say Now

Muffler - Dark Flower

Jakwob - Somebody New ft. Tiffani Juno (Jakwob VIP)

Microfunk Crew - Alarm Clock

Bop - Impermanence

Bop & Despot - Removing the Past

Bop - Chaosmos

Ownglow - Angels Sing

Etherwood - Souls Apart

Etherwood - Souls Rejoined

B Complex - Three Dots

Episode 28 - 'Always You'

Another live Mix of the Week coming at you this week with lots of laid-back liquid goodness. New tunes, old classics, and everything between, all on this week’s Alpha Rhythm Podcast!


Calibre - No One Gets You

Anile - Your Way

Hybrid Minds - Inside

S.P.Y - You

BCee & S.P.Y - Is Anybody Out There?

FD - Ambra (Calibre Remix)

SpectraSoul - Always

Seba - Time Will Tell

Need For Mirrors - Mother Maiden Crone

Dissident - Cocosmos

Bop - Lucid Dreaming ft. Elsa Esmeralda

Camo & Krooked - Come Together (Bop Remix)

Bop & Subwave - Clair De Lune

Camo & Krooked - All Night

Camo & Krooked - Ruhepuls

Etherwood - Fire Lit Sky

Technimatic - Perseverance VIP

Royalston - Keys

Lung - Curiosity Cove

Etherwood - Falling Out of Consciousness

Keeno - Empath

Episode 27 - 'Genesis'

Join us on an interstellar musical journey with new brilliant albums from Need For Mirrors and Mitekiss, new music from Mohican Sun, and more new music from Break and Enei!


Mohican Sun - Trade Winds [Integral]

Actraiser - All Alone [Celcius]

Mohican Sun - Simian [Integral]

Physics - Day After Day [Liquid V]

Need For Mirrors - Mother Maiden Crone [Commercial Suicide]

Mitekiss - Fellowship ft. Naibu [Hospital]

Mitekiss - Crate Six Seven [Hospital]

Mohican Sun - Empress [Integral]

Need For Mirrors - Oval [Commercial Suicide]

Mitekiss - Genesis ft. Mr. Porter [Hospital]

Need For Mirrors - Paradise Snare [Commercial Suicide]

Whiney - Triple Dubby Demon ft. Hugh Hardie & Truthos Mufasa [Med School]

Klax & Hyroglifics - Boogieboard [Critical]

Need For Mirrors - Tresor [Commercial Suicide]

Need For Mirrors - Visible in the Invisible [Commercial Suicide]

Mitekiss - Hutan [Hospital]

Enei - Faded ft. Charli Brix [Critical]

Break - Take Me Away [Symmetry]

Episode 26 - 'Fractures'

Christmas came early this year with new EP’s from Calibre, Break, SpectraSoul, and so much more! All that, and our first giveaway, all on this week’s Alpha Rhythm Podcast!


Calibre - Zee Tone [31]

The Insiders - Without You [Liquid V]

Reflektor - Hold on Me ft. Anastasia [Shogun]

Changing Faces - Fractures [Spearhead]

Calibre - Dark Paths [31]

Break & Total Science - Dog’s Dinner [Symmetry]

SpectraSoul - Organiser (Circuits Rewire) [Critical]

Ewol - Despair (Ak:hash Remix) [Fokuz]

Submarine - Dive Alarm [1985]

Signal - Crsh’d [INVISIBLE]

Signal - Lunala [INVISIBLE]

Kings of the Rollers - Hot Wheels [Hospital]

Macca & Loz Contreras - Leaps and Bounds ft T.R.A.C [Liquid V]

London Elektricity - That’s a Switch [Hospital]

Calibre - Let it Rain [31]

Abstract Elements - Posthuman [INVISIBLE]

Episode 25 - 'Dream Days'

Loads more Shogun audio pressure this week, along with a brand new EP from Enei, more from Seba, and a out of this world tune from Etherwood. Enjoy!


Phase 2 - No One Can Hear You Read [Liquid V]

Technimatic - Parallel ft. Zara Kershaw [Shogun]

Command Strange - Light Up [Liquid V]

Pola & Bryson - Dream Days [Shogun]

Changing Faces - Waves [Spearhead]

Technimatic - Better Perspective ft. Jinadu [Shogun]

Mefjus & Skeptical - Sinkhole (Skeptical Remix) [VISION]

Enei - Grave [Critical]

Enei - Deal With It [Critical]

Enei - Bag of Raw Meat [Critical]

Signal - Pixilate [INVISIBLE]

GLXY - Revision [Shogun]

Dub Motion - Feeling U [Shogun]

Seba - Close to You [Spearhead]

Malaky - Requiem [Shogun]

Submarine - Blur ft. Rimmi [Dispatch]

Technimatic - Out of Reach ft. Lucy Kitchen [Shogun]

Etherwood - Haltija [Hospital]

Episode 24 - 'Stomp Your Soul'

Massive amounts of Shogun Audio pressure this week, along with a new EP from Kasra, and more new music from the Forza Horizon 4 Soundtrack, all right here on the Alpha Rhythm Podcast!


Rizzle - Solstice ft. Sydney [Shogun]

Nu:Logic - The Sound of Your Smile [Hospital]

Seba - Time Will Tell [Spearhead]

Kasra - From the Outside In [Critical]

GLXY - Discourse [Shogun]

Monrroe & Aperio - Focus [Shogun]

Whiney & Urbandawn - Loki [Hospital]

Kasra - Ski Mask [Critical]

Lakeway - Stomp Your Soul [Hospital]

Submarine - Xertz [1985]

Kasra - Alburz [Critical]

Benny L, Shimon & Sub Zero - Monsters (Sub Zero Remix) [Audioporn]

Misanthrop and Synergy - Slap the Ghost  [Neosignal]

Urbandawn - Gothenburg Cluster [Hospital]

Noisia & The Upbeats - Shibuya Pet Store [VISION]

Document One - Black Holes [Shogun]

Revaux - Ibex [Shogun]

Mutated Forms - Flashbacks [Spearhead]

Episode 23 - 'In Stillness'

This week we’re releasing one of our most popular mixes for download to all of our listeners. If you would like access to every other Mix of the Week as a download, you can support us over on Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/alpharhythmdnb


00:00 Jakwob - Fade (Etherwood VIP)

02:58 Etherwood - Three Eagles

05:56 Etherwood - Falling out of Conciousness (ft. Georgia Yates & Bev Lee Harling) (VIP)

09:39 Etherwood - Hold Your Breath (SpectraSoul Remix)

13:23 Etherwood - Fire Lit Sky

17:51 Etherwood - The Rain Will Fall (ft. LSB)

20:51 Etherwood - In Stillness

26:30 Etherwood - Bear's Breeches (ft. Anile)

29:51 Etherwood - Frozen Grass

33:00 Etherwood - Spoken (ft. Rocky Nti)

36:44 Etherwood - Weightless

39:42 Etherwood - Begin By Letting Go

42:41 Etherwood - You're Missing Life

47:31 Etherwood - We're Nothing Without Love (ft. S.P.Y)

50:56 Etherwood - Caption

54:40 Etherwood - Souls Apart

56:10 Etherwood - Souls Rejoined

Episode 22 - 'No Lights'

So much incredible new music this week from across the Drum and Bass spectrum. New music on Flexout, Shogun, Hospital, and quite possibly the best song of 2018 from Seba out on Spearhead. Don’t miss this week’s Alpha Rhythm Podcast!


Alibi - No Lights ft. MC fats & T.R.A.C [V Recordings]

Data 3 - Komparen [Flexout]

Unglued - Deep Dark & Dirty ft. Nelson Navarro [Hospital]

Seba - Time Will Tell [Spearhead]

Bungle - Cocooned VIP [31]

Danny Byrd - Just a Step Away ft. Ownglow [Hospital]

GLXY - Asbo [Shogun]

Actraiser - All Alone [Celcius]

Submarine - Clarion [Dispatch]

Monty - Games ft. Charlie Brix [Flexout]

Villem & McLeod - Kukicha [Spearhead]

Apex - By the Way [Horizons]

Actraiser - Yesterday [Celcius]

Seba - Why Can’t This End [Spearhead]

Villem & McLeod - Never Run Away [Spearhead]

Revaux - Sludge [Flexout]

Danny Byrd - Lizard Steppa [Hospital]

Primitive Instinct - Breathless [Soulvent]

GLXY - Infinite ft. Zero T and Solah [Shogun]

Episode 21 - 'Late Night Liquid'

A very special Mix of the Week/Podcast combo coming at you this week with a one hour set from yours truly.

00:00 LSB - Lydian [Soul:r]

04:25 Camo & Krooked - Ember (Hybrid Minds Remix) [RAM]

07:21 Logistics - Inside my Soul [Hospital]

09:12 S.P.Y - Alone in the Dark [Hospital]

11:46 Icicle - So Close [Med School]

13:58 Whiney - Flashlight ft. Inja [Med School]

16:33 Ed:It & J:Daure - Cardinal [Med School]

18:46 Pulsaar - Anticipation Management [Med School]

21:42 LSB - If You’re Here VIP [Hospital]

23:32 Commix - Be True (Bop Bootleg) [White Label]

24:16 Battery - Darker Shades [Spearhead]

27:57 Alix Perez - Missing Pieces [1985]

30:09 Ivy Lab - Twenty Questions [Critical]

32:22 Document One - Cosmic Funk [Shogun]

34:12 SpectraSoul - Untitled Horn [Ish Chat]

36:24 Anile - Allergens [Med School]

38:36 Alix Perez - Blips [1985]

40:05 Royalston - Sunburnt in Malaysia ft. LyfLyk [Med School]

43:46 Logistics - Winter Ways [Hospital]

45:58 Bungle - Cocooned VIP [31]

47:49 The Vanguard Project - Recharge ft. Tempza (Alibi Remix) [Spearhead]

51:06 Klax - Boogieboard [Critical]

52:58 Whiney - Spaceman [Med School]

55:10 Marcus Intalex & S.P.Y - Celestial Navigation [Soul:r]

57:45 Artificial Intelligence - Say Now [Getahead]

1:01:26 Seba & Jr Vallo - Corners [Fokuz]

1:05:06 Polaris - Found You [Med School]

Episode 20 - 'Silence & Shadows'

Massive amounts of Spearhead and Shogun pressure on this week’s podcast, as well as a stellar new EP from SpectraSoul.


Changing Faces - Shadows [Spearhead]

L Side - Astronaut [V Recordings]

Changing Faces - At Dawn ft. Roxi Yung [Spearhead]

Artificial Intelligence - Tannan [Integral]

Document One - Cosmic Funk [Shogun]

Document One - We Got This [Shogun]

SpectraSoul - Untitled Horn [Ish Chat]

Jubei & Tyrone - The Saboteur [Metalheadz]

Alix Perez & Monty - Caligo [1985]

Alix Perez - Slink [1985]

Villem & McLeod - Labooko [Spearhead]

Macca & Loz Contreras - You Want Me You Need Me [Spearhead]

SpectraSoul - Silence ft. LSB [Ish Chat]

SpectraSoul - Faithful [Ish Chat]

Calibre & Jet Li - Trees in the Wind [Function]

SpectraSoul - Like This [Ish Chat]

Episode 19 - 'Vice'

Going a little deeper and a lot darker this week with new music from Alix Perez, Jubei & Tyrone, WALKR, and much much more!


Silent Dust - Refuse ft. DRS (Calibre Remix) [none60]

WALKR - Search for Something [Spearhead]

Degs & London Elektricity - Just One Second (Mitekiss Remix) [Hospital]

Quartz & Survey - Emeralds [Warm Communciations]

Alix Perez - BXL [1985]

Jubei & Tyrone - Avalon [Metalheadz]

Kings of the Rollers - Running Man [Hospital]

WALKR - 1995 [Spearhead]

Alix Perex - Live With It ft. Icicle [1985]

Mohican Sun - Calgary [Integral]

Artificial Intelligence - Degrees of Separation [Integral]

WALKR - Smoke & Mirrors [Spearhead]

Document One - Reaching Out [Shogun]

Villem & McLeod - Simply Red

Sam Binga - Proud ft. Tiffanie Malvo (Enei Remix) [Critical]

Noisia & The Upbeats - Shibuya Pet Store [VISION]

Mat Zo - Vice [Mad Zoo]

Episode 18 - 'Horizons'

Huge releases this week coming from the Hospital, Spearhead, and Critical stables including the massive Forza Horizon 4 soundtrack!


Danny Byrd - Salute ft. MC GQ [Hospital]

Krakota - Mismatch [Hospital]

Danny Byrd - Better Life ft. Maduk & I-kay [Hospital]

Villem & McLeod - Zephyr [Spearhead]

Pola and Bryson - Alkaline [Shogun]

Villem & McLeod - Crossways ft. Degs [Spearhead]

Logistics - Let the Senses Clear Your Mind [Hospital]

Metrik - Dawnbraker [Hospital]

Fred V & Grafix - Aukland Sunrise [Hospital]

Bop & Subwave - City Lights [Hospital

Bop - Untitled Pattern 62 [Med School]

Bop - Untitled Pattern 63 [Med School]

Stoner & Dottor Poison - Phenomenon [Critical]

Stoner - Sweet Home [Critical]

Lakeway - You're the Broken Winter [Med School]

Bop - Song About My Dog [Med School]

Episode 17 - 'Phacecast'

This week we have a very special all-Phace podcast to celebrate the release of his new album on his own Neosignal label. 

Phace - Isolated [Neosignal]
Phace - Shelf Life [Neosignal]
Icicle - Dreadnaught (Phace Remix) [Shogun]
Phace - Suspense [Neosignal]
Rawtekk - Photone Recruits (Phace Remix) [Hospital]
Phace - Psycho [Subtitles]
Noisia & Phace - Floating Zero [INVISIBLE]
Phace - Alive [Subtitles]
Phace - Strange Science [RAM]
Noisia & Phace - Mpd [Hospital]
Phace & Mefjus - Ba~ng Ba~ng [Critical Music] 
Phace & Misanthrop - What's Wrong [Neosignal]
Phace - Shape the Random [Neosignal]
Phace - My Mind is Modular [Neosignal]
Phace - Digital Diet [Neosignal]
Phace - Bite the Edge [Neosignal]
Phace & Current Value - Wild Thing [Critical Music] 
Phace & Misanthrop - Motor [Neosignal]
Noisia & Phace - Imperial [VISION]

Episode 16 - 'Sprayout'

Loads of brilliant new music on this week's Podcast. More Integral, Shogun, and Hospital pressure, as well as some treats from Dexcell and Hybrid Minds.

Urbandawn - Words to Say (Hybrid Minds Remix) [Bad Taste]
Mohican Sun - Spiralled [Integral]
Pola & Bryson - Floodgates [Shogun]
Pola & Bryson - Night Dawns ft. Lauren Archer [Shogun]
Air.K & Cephei - Way Home [Integral]
Serpico - Illusion [Integral]
Dexcell - Truths Unspoken ft. In:Most & Lucy Kitchen [Spearhead]
Nelver - Know Me [SLK]
Lurch - The Shakes [Soulvent]
Kings of the Rollers - Get Set Go [Hospital]
Eastcolours - Crooked Cops [Demand]
L-Side - Spellbound [V Recordings]
Mosaic - Moon ft. Collette Warren [Integral]
RD & Degs - She Wants You (Black Sheep Sprayout) [Hospital]
S.P.Y & Degs - Love Hurts (Ebenezer Sprayout) [Hospital]

Episode 15 - 'GLOW'

Lots of new music from Integral's GLOW series, Pola & Bryson's debut album, and incredible new music on Hospital Records. Beautiful music for beautiful people.

Pola & Bryson - Stratford Riddim [Shogun]
Dilemma - Snazball [Soulvent]
High Contrast - If We Ever (Unglued Remix) [Hospital]
Technimatic - Trigger Warning [Shogun]
SATL & Djah - Current State [Integral]
HLZ - Music in Me [Integral]
Artificial Intelligence - The Need [Integral]
Pola & Bryson Ft. Brookfield - No One But You [Shogun]
Calibre - Addict [Signature]
Bert H & Edlan - Intercept [Liquicity]
Pola & Bryson - Hades [Shogun]
SATL - Don't Be Afraid [Integral]
Etherwood & Degs feat. Anile - Bear's Breeches (New Lanes Sprayout)[Hospital]
Metrik - Borealis [Hospital]
Whiney - Talisman [Hospital]
Metrik - Distant Shores [Hospital]

Episode 14 - 'Endless Love'

We're bringing you a very special Podcast this week featuring our most popular DnB mix ever, 'Endless Love'. To get this and every other Mix of the Week as a download, you can support us over on Patreon. Thank you all for your continued support!

00:00 Dawn Wall - Shy
02:12 Need For Mirrors - Endless Love
04:47 HoldTight - Wires
07:43 Calibre - Jass
11:46 The Vanguard Project - Jonny Deep
14:20 Commix - Loves Cruel Game
16:55 Calibre - Two Ones
18:45 Commix - Cold Kiss ft. Logistics
21:20 The Vanguard Project - Is This Love ft. Lucy Kitchen
25:44 Dawn Wall - Spears
29:03 Etherwood - Hold Your Breath (SpectraSoul Remix)
32:44 LSB - I Need Love
35:18 Calibre - Funny Games
39:21 Tokyo Prose - Innate Motion
42:40 London Grammar - Hey Now (Paul SG Remix)
47:27 GLXY - Lucid
49:39 Dawn Wall - Never Say
53:42 Zero T - Refusal ft. Steo (Alix Perez Remix)
56:16 Impish & Changing Faces - Inside Your Mind
59:13 Need For Mirrors - Chapel

Episode 13 - 'Origins'

More pressure coming out of the Hospital, Spearhead, and Shogun stables, with huge tunes from Kings of the Rollers, Macca & Loz Contreras, LSB and more. From fresh new club bangers to classic liquid rollers, it's all here on the Alpha Rhythm Podcast!

Technimatic - Clockwise [Shogun]
Technimatic - Bristol (Break Remix) [Shogun]
Kings of the Rollers - Rave Alarm [Hospital]
Kings of the Rollers - Euphoria [Hospital]
Kyo & OneMind - Play to Lose [Symmetry]
Tokyo Prose & LSB - In the Breeze [The North Quarter]
Macca & Loz Contreras - Don’t Give Up [Spearhead]
LSB - The Optimist [Spearhead]
Ownglow - Angels Sing [Hospital]
Etherwood - You’re Missing Life [Med School]
Macca & Loz Contreras - Lost Origins ft. Becca Jane Grey [Spearhead]
Boston - End Scene [Vandal]
Keeno - Amethyst [Med School]
Mitekiss - Farmost ft. Emer Dineen [Hospital]
Keeno - Origin [Med School]